Which Dungeon Is King Crab In World Zero?

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Where is Crab Prince in World Zero?

The Crab Prince is a level 10 World Event Boss from World 1 (Crescent Cove). Its attack patterns are similar to the King Crab from Kingslayer (dungeon 1–4). This World Boss spawns on the pirate ship near the Crystal waypoint.

Where are the Boarwolves in World Zero?

Description. The Boarwolf is a Level 1 mob found in World 1, or Crescent Cove. It grants 7 EXP and 21-66 Gold when slain. In comparison to its associate, the Elite Boarwolf- the Boarwolf is smaller and less vicious.

Where are the golden cobras in World Zero?

The Golden Cobra is a level 49 mob from World 4 or Pharaoh's Canyon.

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