How The Baby Looks At 14 Weeks

At 14 weeks, your baby is growing and developing rapidly, measuring between 3 ½ and 4 inches long and weighing around 2 ounces, about the size of a navel orange. Baby is standing up straight Growing by leaps and bounds, your baby is leaping and bounding. via How can I know my baby gender? Ultrasound. […]

How Is The Baby Positioned At 27 Weeks

Week 27 Pregnancy: Baby’s Position Transverse Lie. Before 26 weeks, it’s normal for baby to be in a sideways position, known as a transverse lie. Head Down or Breech. After about week 27 of your pregnancy, the weight of the baby’s head increases and gravity gently starts to move the head downward. Turning Baby to […]

How To Reveal Your Pregnancy

40 Ways To Announce Pregnancy To Family Show Baby Onesie. It is one of the cute ways to announce pregnancy to parents. Baby Shoes. No doubt, baby shoes are such a cutest way to announce your pregnancy news. Christmas Baby Socks. It is such a cute and outstanding way to announce your pregnancy news. Pacifier. […]

Where To Buy Temperature Scanner

How much does a thermal scanner cost? A high resolution Thermal Camera may cost above Rs 1 lakh but low cost Thermal Cameras come within the range of Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 80,000. via What is the most accurate temperature scanner? These are the nine best thermometers of 2021, according to customer reviews. Best Overall: […]

How Far Can An 8 Week Old Baby See

HOW FAR CAN 8 week baby See? At this point, your baby might recognize your face, but he can still only see what’s 8-12 inches in front of him. However, his attention span might have gotten longer. Up until now, Baby might have stared at your face for only a few seconds. Now he will […]