How Often Can You Reuse A Diaper Cover?

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Can you reuse cloth diaper cover?

You can reuse covers (that havent been visibly soiled) without fleece because they can be wiped clean, the fleece of a pocket will hold onto stink and bacteria and may give your baby a rash or infection.

Can you wash cloth diaper covers in hot water?

Yes, hot water can be damaging to elastic but it is more the dry heat of the dryer that causes this type of wear and tear in the case of diapers. Cloth diaper manufacturers know that the diapers need to be washed vigorously and in hot water to clean them effectively, so they make the diapers to be sturdy.

How do you wash a diaper cover?

Once the cover is soiled, however, it must be hand cleaned. Handwash the wool diaper covers in lukewarm water using special wool cleaner such as Eucalan. Once the cover is in the water with the cleaner, allow it to soak for ten or fifteen minutes.

Can you use pocket diapers as covers? Absolutely! All you need for a cover is a waterproof outer layer to make a cover, which a pocket diaper has. Instead of stuffing the pocket with an insert, you will just lay the insert inside the cover, then snap or velcro it on your baby.

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