How Long After Epidural Is Baby Born?

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Does epidural make labor faster?

(Reuters Health) - Giving pregnant women spinal anesthesia known as an epidural to ease their pain during the late stages of labor and delivery may not prolong the process, a new experiment suggests.

Does epidural make baby sleepy?

Having an epidural should not affect your baby at all—for example, epidural medications will not make your baby sleepy. If you can't have an epidural and receive intravenous pain killers instead, these can potentially make your baby sleepy, but this sleepiness is usually transient and easily reversible.

Does epidural affect baby?

Myth: Epidurals can harm the baby. Fact: In Toledo's study, published last year in the “International Journal of Obstetric Anesthesia,” women expressed concern that an epidural could cause cerebral palsy or be harmful to the baby. No evidence or research corroborates these concerns.

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