How To Use Cloth Diaper

Can you use a cloth nappy for swimming? You can use part of a modern reusable or cloth nappy though. Don’t use a nappy which has the absorbency built in (it will get water sodden and drag), but you can use a Nappy Cover, or the shell of a Pocket nappy or All-in-2 nappy. via […]

How Do Back Contractions Feel

Can you feel Labour contractions in your back? Labor contractions can cause pain in just the lower abdomen or the lower abdomen and the back. Normal labor contractions feel like intense menstrual cramps that come and go with increasing intensity. Regular contractions are only slightly felt in the back. Back labor is much more intense […]

How Many Month Is 22 Weeks

What does 22 weeks pregnant feel like? At 22 weeks, baby’s size is having quite an impact on the way you feel. Between Braxton Hicks, swollen feet, feeling winded and other 22 weeks pregnant symptoms, you’re really feeling the weight (haha) of this pregnancy. Try to take it easy when you get worn out, and […]