How Do You Point An Antenna?

How do you point directional antennas? Hold the compass next to the antenna, and level with the ground. Align the compass so that the arrow is over the mark indicating north. Use the markings on the compass to determine the direction to the broadcast towers, and turn your antenna so that it points in that […]

Where Should I Place My Antenna Amplifier?

Where is the best place to put a TV signal booster? So If you’re using an indoor aerial (see my recommendations here), you should put it as close to the window as possible. If your TV sits far from the window, you’ll need to use a long cable – which causes the signal to weaken. […]

What Is Considered A Strong TV Signal?

What is an acceptable TV signal strength? Quality Is More Important Than Strength! It really does depend on the TV manufacturer, but you should always expect your TV signal to be 100% or a full signal bar. If this is below 100% or jumping around you may find that you will have trouble with your […]

Does Weather Affect Antenna TV?

What can interfere with TV antenna? Many household appliances like a blender, electric heater, popcorn maker, electric blanket, and refrigerators can also cause interference. Any appliance with electric motors like a ceiling fan can disrupt an over the air TV signal. In some cases, light dimmers have been known to cause issues due to poor […]

How Do I Fix Poor Digital TV Signal?

How do I fix a weak digital TV signal? Install Your Aerial Outside. Install The Aerial Higher Up. Install A Higher Gain TV Aerial. Align Your TV Aerial For Peak Reception. Install A Masthead Amplifier. Remove Splitters – Install Distribution Amplifiers. Install Good Quality Coaxial Cable. Install Good Quality “Screened” Wall plates. via How can […]

What Causes Pixelation?

How do you stop pixelation? Avoid a high ISO setting on your camera. (This only applies if you’re shooting on a DSLR or other camera that lets you manually adjust the ISO setting. Avoid using low resolution images. Steady the camera. Focus, focus, focus. via Why does pixelation occur? Pixelation mostly occurs when resizing of […]

Which Phone Has Best Connectivity?

Which phone has the best network connectivity? Best smartphones that support VoLTE SAMSUNG GALAXY S8. APPLE IPHONE 7. ONEPLUS 5. GOOGLE PIXEL. LG G6. HONOR 8 PRO. SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 EDGE. ONEPLUS 3T. via What is the best signal strength phone? Comparison of signal strength in decibels vs. bars vs. practical experience. Signal Strength in […]

Which 5G Phone Is Best?

Which phone is best for 5G? iPhone 13 Pro Max. The best 5G phone you can buy. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. The best 5G phone from Samsung. iPhone 13. A more affordable 5G iPhone. Google Pixel 5a. The top budget 5G camera phone. iPhone 13 mini. Best compact 5G phone. iPhone 13 Pro. OnePlus 9 […]

What Does T-Mobile 5G Mean?

Is Tmobile 5G really better? That’s one bit of corporate bluster that turned out to actually be true: T-Mobile’s 5G network churned out download speeds between 150 and 500 Mbps in many areas, which is faster than 4G LTE and apparently even faster than Verizon and AT&T 5G in most cases. via Do I have […]

Is Tmobile 5G Fast?

Is T-Mobile 5G faster than 4G? 4G speeds are based on the nationwide average of our last-round of LTE network speed tests….5G speed: 5G vs. 4G download speeds compared. Average 5G download speed 4G T-Mobile 71 Mbps 36.3 Mbps Verizon 67.1 Mbps 53.3 Mbps via Is T-Mobile 5G really better? That’s one bit of corporate […]