Is Cuddling Good For Babies?

Is it bad to cuddle your baby too much? No, absolutely not. You cannot cuddle your baby too much. But new parents ask me that all the time because they think that too much cuddles could spoil their baby. Science tells us that cuddles strengthen that bond between parent and baby. via Do babies need […]

Is Yogurt Expired?

What happens if I eat expired yogurt? Eating expired yogurt can cause food poisoning or foodborne illness. Bacteria also grow and accumulate on aged or improperly preserved foods, such as yogurt. Diarrhea is a common symptom that occurs after one has consumed expired yogurt, as the body is attempting to rid itself of harmful toxins […]

Can Puppies Get Parvo From Grass?

Can my puppy get parvo from my yard? What is this? Dogs can also contract parvovirus by touching anything that an infected dog touched including, but not limited to, bedding, grass in the yard or dog park, brushes or clothing on a human being that was not disinfected after handling a parvo-infected dog. via Can […]

Does Babylist Do Free Shipping?

How do you get free shipping on Babylist? To enjoy free standard shipping on Babylist, your cost must be $45 or more, excluding Babylist store gift cards and cash funds. via How does Babylist work for shipping? If you are purchasing a gift directly from the Babylist store, you will see a red “Checkout” button […]

Why Can’t Klaus Be Near Hope?

Why can’t the Mikaelsons be near each other? In order to keep the Hollow from regaining her power, once the Hollow is separated into Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah, and Kol, they can never see each other again. To save Hope on The Originals, the Mikaelson family must be separated once and for all. via Does hope […]

Can I Use Coconut Oil In Fondant?

Can I substitute coconut oil for shortening in fondant? Is coconut oil a good substitute for shortening? Absolutely. Coconut oil stands out from canola, vegetable, and its other oil relatives, because it’s naturally solid at room temperature (though if said room gets to 76°F or warmer, the solid oil will start to melt). via Can […]