What Day Did God Rest?

On what day did God decide to rest? The sabbatical comes from the Biblical idea of God decreeing that man shall rest — just as God did after creating the world — on the seventh day. Even the animals, according to Scripture, have a sabbatical since Biblical law forbids man to work them in the […]

Can Adults Use Boppy Pillow?

Why can’t you use a Boppy for sleeping? Do not allow baby to lie face down on a Boppy® Pillow. To prevent positional asphyxia, keep baby’s airway open at all times. For proper breathing when using the pillow for propping, do not allow baby to be curled up in the center of the pillow area […]

How Do You Make Cinnamon Spray?

Can you make your own cinnamon spray? 1/2 cup distilled water. 1/2 cup alcohol, vodka or more water. 15-20 drops cinnamon and spice essential oil blend. via How do you make cinnamon room spray? Fill your spray bottle with water from the jug (or straight from the tap). Add 60 drops of Orange Sweet Essential […]

What Is The Best Culinary Thyme?

Which is better English thyme or German thyme? German Thyme has tiny leaves when compared to Common thyme. But the leaves are packed with more aromatic oils than many larger-leaved varieties. English Thyme is a smaller low growing plant with tiny leaves and an intense flavor. Essential in chowders, and delicious sprinkled on potatoes for […]

Are Luvs Good Quality?

Are Luvs a good brand? Luvs diapers are a desirable choice to many budget-minded parents because this well-known brand is so affordable. However, they are the lowest-ranked diaper in our testing, showing poor durability, absorption, and leak containment. via What is the difference between Luvs and Pampers? Pampers Absorption Is Better – Overnight Diapers (12 […]